Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Famous Guitars of Bluesmen

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September 8th, 2008

When it comes to music, the instrument is often an extension of the player behind it. The blues definitely agrees. Some of the famous blues guitarists have unique and recognizable guitars. Some styles of guitars even bring to mind their respective players. Without further ado, here are a few of the famous guitars of famous bluesmen.

bb kind lucille guitar

Lucille played by B.B. King

The famous story behind the famous name is that one night in 1949, B.B. was playing in a bar when two men got into a fight over a girl and knocked over a kerosene heater (basically a barrel full of lit kerosene). The place went up in flames and everyone ran out. However, B.B. realized that he left his guitar inside and ran to save it. He nearly lost his life, but named his guitar and subsequent guitars Lucille after the girl the two men fought over.

The modern and most famous iteration of Lucille is a custom black Gibson ES-355 with Lucille printed on the headstock. B.B. has been playing this version for nearly 25 years. It’s pictured here.

eric guitar

Blackie played by Eric Clapton

Arguably the most famous stratocaster ever, Blackie was the nickname for a Frankenstein of a guitar assembled by Eric from three different strats. Purchased from Sho-Bud guitar shop in Nashville, Tennessee, he combined the best components to create Blackie. Eric played it live and in the studio from its creation in 1970 to 1985, when he retired Blackie. Contrary to the many rumors that state otherwise, Blackie was reportedly 100% playable during her retired years.

Blackie was sold at auction for a record $959,500 to Guitar Center, who proudly displays the guitar.

srv guitar

Number One played by Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray’s Number One was a 1973 sunburst model traded for at Ray’s Music Exchange in Austin, Texas with Stevie’s old ‘63 strat. Beaten and bastardized, the guitar remained his main axe since that day. Although the original had a white pickguard and strangely hot ‘59 pickups, Stevie replaced the pickguard with a pickguard featuring the now famous SRV lettering. Remarkably, Stevie had the frets replaced with jumbo bass style frets while he played on a reportedly .013 (going as high as .018) guage strings.

Number One now resides with Stevie’s brother Jimmie. It’s been permanently retired in memory of Stevie.

guy guitar

Polka Dot Strat played by Buddy Guy

While not as famous as the other listed here, this guitar deserves recognition if only for its unique paint job. Comprised of white polka dots on a black finish, this strat has been serving as Buddy Guy’s main guitar for years now. Originally a custom artist series, made especially for Buddy, Fender has recently created a similar guitar with an inverted paint scheme and lace sensors.

The Polka Dot Strats remain road worthy and accompany Buddy to most of his live shows.

rory left

Ex-Sunburst played by Rory Gallagher

Called the Ex-Sunburst by fans for its lack of a finish (worn away by heavy use and sweating) as much as for Rory’s refusal to give it a name, this famous guitar happens to be one of the first strats in Ireland in 1961. Rory bought it for an estimated £100. Heavily modified, the guitar had one different tuner, all new pickups, and modified pickguard.

The Ex-Sunburst resides with Rory’s brother, Donal Gallagher. It isn’t played.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rory Gallagher FB Page reaches 2000 members

Thanks to Carolina Rodriguez Hoyos (Fan 2000) and Tim Steyaert (Fan 2001), Rory Gallagher Facebook Fan Page crossed the 2000 fans mark today.

Rory message it's spreading well, it took roughly three months (From March 7 to July 6) to cross the first 1000 fans mark. From then until today it was just two months for the next 1000. A slight rise in the female/male ratio (21% / 79%) and also in fans below 34 yrs (82%)

All continents are represented at some extent, but Europe leads thanks to the strong Greek presence (30%-40% aprox) by far. I think they can manage an extra place in the Olympus, I mean Όλυμπος, for our admired and respected Guitar God, if he isn't already there.

Keep Rocking Rory Fans