Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rory Gallagher FB Page reaches 2000 members

Thanks to Carolina Rodriguez Hoyos (Fan 2000) and Tim Steyaert (Fan 2001), Rory Gallagher Facebook Fan Page crossed the 2000 fans mark today.

Rory message it's spreading well, it took roughly three months (From March 7 to July 6) to cross the first 1000 fans mark. From then until today it was just two months for the next 1000. A slight rise in the female/male ratio (21% / 79%) and also in fans below 34 yrs (82%)

All continents are represented at some extent, but Europe leads thanks to the strong Greek presence (30%-40% aprox) by far. I think they can manage an extra place in the Olympus, I mean Όλυμπος, for our admired and respected Guitar God, if he isn't already there.

Keep Rocking Rory Fans

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